The Twins in Tallinn - Photos by Ronny (Part 1)

Photos made by forum members or supplied by The Twins
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The Twins in Tallinn - Photos by Ronny (Part 1)

Post by Administrator » Thu Sep 21, 2017 11:55 am

Photos supplied by Ronny:
01. Maria and Sonja at Berlin -Tegel Airport.jpg
02. Matze and Martin at Berlin -Tegel Airport.jpg
03. The Band at Riga Airport.jpg
04. Ronny at Riga Airport entering the plane to Tallinn.jpg
05. Ronny at Tallin Airport.jpg
06. Ronny in Tallinn.jpg
07. Venue backstage view.jpg
08. Secret Service on stage.jpg
09. Secret Service on stage.jpg
10. Ricci e Poveri on stage.jpg
11. Venue ground during sundown.jpg
12. Viewing tower near stage.jpg
13. Sven and Ronny on top of viewing tower.jpg
14. Sea view from tower behind stage.jpg
15. CC Catch on stage.jpg
16. CC Catch on stage.jpg
17. Sonja and Maria with CC Catch dancers.jpg
18. Breakfast at the hotel.jpg
19. Sven in the hotel lobby before driving to the venue.jpg
20. Matze in hotel lobby posting on Facebook.jpg
21. Martin our sound engineer in hotel lobby.jpg
22. Maria and Ronny in hotel lobby.jpg
23. Matze and Sonja in hotel lobby.jpg
24. Venue ground view from behind the stage.jpg
25. Setting up the stage for soundcheck.jpg
26. View to harbour close to the venue.jpg
27. View to harbour close to the venue.jpg
28. Venue ground view without audience.jpg
29. Maria and Sonja relaxing before the show.jpg
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Re: The Twins in Tallinn - Photos by Ronny (Part 1)

Post by Marica » Sat Feb 16, 2019 2:32 pm

'' 2012'', the year of my ''rediscovery'' on you tube of the Twins.🎊🖲⌨💻🎶🎧🎵🎉 :thumbup:

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