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Review of the "Singles Collection"

Post by Administrator » Thu Oct 19, 2017 9:40 am

This review was written by Wanderwusel and originally posted in our old forum:

Here's the translation of my review for the "Singles Collection" from july 2008

Absolutely fine best of with a lot of rarities!

The joy was great when I found the "Singles Collection" of the sympathic berlins Sven Dohrow and Ronny Schreinzer, better known as The Twins in my mail box this morning ... a kind thanks to both.

Surely someone might think that a further best of cd of the 80s nervs, but here the volatile viewer is wrong because this is the first official best of by the Twins!
Of course there excists the 1994 releaesed "12 Inch Classics" (this one was re-released in 1997 and 2006 because of the high inquire) and the "Ballet Dancer" from 1998, but this ones bits in fact of the "12 Inch Classics", not the single- / radio versions of the hits of the Twins or, in fact of the "Ballet Dancer" from Ariola, they were released without the okay of the Twins. Especially the "Ballet Dancer" got a curious tracklist and it's no best of cd in my opinion. There's something missing!

But now back to the "Singles Collection", which soon optical makes a good impression with it's fine dark-red digipack and it's packed with more than 2 hours and 20 minutes of finest electro/synthpop made in Germany.

The first cd presents all hits of the Twins in 7" versions, beginning with the first rare single "Runaway" from 1981, over great hits like "Face To Face - Heart To Heart", "Ballet Dancer", "Not The Loving Kind", "Love System" and "Love In The Dark", to there latest works of the early 90s.
A lot of these hits were especially mixed for the single versions and now they have released for the first time in this special versions on cd (see the tracklist).

There's something more to tell about the second cd and especially this one might be an absolute hightlight for all fans of the Twins and for the friends of rare 80s tracks!
There's something new within some previously unreleased and nearly forgotten songs and versions , found again only by coincidence as Ronny Schreinzer and Sven Dohrow had to move into a new stockroom with the old mastertapes.
Soon the first 5 songs shows it was great luck to refind these tracks!
"Playing With Fire" is a fast very fine typical Twins-track from 1986 which runs directly into the ear and don't want to get out of this. In my opinion this song even should have been released as single!
"Can't Get Out" (from 2001) is the song of this cd which surprised me most and it mostly has nothing to do with the used style of the berlins.It's a fine dancefloorhammer with an unused dark touch. A great song that inspired me directly!
Also the halfinstrumental "War On War" sounds untypical with his voice-samples and it's just known as a song of the Twins when Ronny's unmistakable vocals start. It's developed during some studio sessions between 1986 and 1988.
With "Breaking My Heart" a wonderful ballad follows and the fast "I Don't Know What To Do" (1986) rounds up perfectly this first part of previously unreleased tracks.
It follows a fine mixed and previously unreleased 12" mix of "Touch Of Heaven" and the Latino Rap Version of "Ballet Dancer" which wasn't previously released and which can be mostly compared with the version you can hear on the 2006 "Ballet Dancer" promo cd.
Also the C.K. Remix of the classic track "Face To Face - Heart To Heart" is a newer mix and naturally it sounds close to the original.
The versions of "Tonight" and "Love Is Blind" firther were released on cd single and they are, together with the 25th Anniversary Remix of "Not The Loving Kind", which was released on the limited double cd of the "Elektrisch!" sampler, the only tracks of this 2nd cd who were further released on cd.
A lot of you might know "Going Through The Motions", but it's the first time this short version to be released on cd. So far there was only the long version on the "12 Inch Classics & Rare Tracks".
With "Forever And Ever" again a previously unknown track was packed on this cd and we can only say thanks for it's rediscovering!
The end of the cd is buildet by the unreleased 99 Remix of the megahit "Ballet Dancer" and the first version of the fine ballad "One Day", which sounds really different of the later released final version. It's intersting to see how a song could change from the beginning to the final release!

CD 01:
1. Runaway 4:16
2. Desert Place 4:14
3. Birds And Dogs 4:28
4. Face To Face - Heart To Heart 3:46
5. Not The Loving Kind 3:57
6. Ballet Dancer 3:25
7. Love System [Re-Recorded Edited Version] 3:58 *
8. The Game Of Chance 4:15 *
9. Love In The Dark 3:53 *
10. Deep Within My Heart 3:46 *
11. Time Will Tell [Single Version] 3:28 *
12. Hold On To Your Dreams [Single Remix] 3:54 *
13. Oner Day [Single Remix] 3:55 *
14. Not The Loving Kind [Remix Radio Version] 3:56
15. Ballet Dancer [Remix Radio Version] 3:10
16. Tonight [Radio Version] 3:40
17. Love Is Blind [Radio Version] 3:51
18. Touch Of Heaven [Remix Featuring Jocelyn B. Smith] 3:52
19. I Need You [Canadian Single Release] 3:49 *

CD 02:
1. Playing With Fire 4:28 **
2. Can't Get Out 4:42 **
3. War On War 4:24 **
4. Breaking My Heart 4:10 **
5. I Don't Know What To Do 4:16 **
6. Touch Of Heaven [12" Mix] 6:07 ***
7. Ballet Dancer [Latino Rap Version] 3:32 ***
8. Face To Face - Heart To Heart [C.K. Remix] 3:21 ***
9. Tonight [Dub Mix] 4:45
10. Love Is Blind [Long Version] 5:35
11. Not The Loving Kind [25th Anniversary Remix] 5:33
12. Going Through The Motions 3:08 ***
13. Forever And Ever 3:54 **
14. Ballet Dancer ['99 Remix] 3:39 ***
15. One Day [1st Version] 5:13 ***

* in this version never released on cd
** previously unreleased
*** previously unreleased mix

The whole cd is, just like known by the work of Sven and Ronny, perfectly mixed and remastered, what took a lot of time and work, even because of the untypical formats of the tapes which must have been worked on complex.
But the work on this cd and the waiting for this cd was worth it!
By the way it's remarkable that under the releases listed on this digipack the forthcoming dvd "Video Classics And Rare Tracks", which is planned for autumn of this year, is also soon listed. You can look forward with pleasure for this long expected release.
A man must do what a man must do.

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