Info "Passion Factory" (USA) (1982)

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Info "Passion Factory" (USA) (1982)

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The Twins are one of the most unusual success stories of the year with a deep bow to the universality of the musical experience.
Finding a place on the Billboard Dance Chart in May, at a time when there were no plans for release of their European made LP in this Country, was just the latest in a series of improbable events for Sven Dohrow and Ronny Schreinzer, the two talented musicians who collectively known as The Twins.
Dhorow (24) Plays the synthesizer, while Schreinzer (23) is the drumer and vocalist. They call themselves The Twins since they arrange, compose, produce and, through the magic of studio overdubbing, Play all the Instruments on their recordings. Only on stage do they add other musicians to reproduce the Sound heard on their records.
Born in Berlin and classmates at school, Sven Dohrow drove a cab and Ronny Schreinzer a truck before turning to music. Although neither has any musical education, playing everything by ear, they managed to work with several different German groups. Finding that their musical taste and interest meshed perfectly, they formed The Twins in February 1980 and have been playing together ever since.
The group was discovered by Peter Meisel, a principal in Hansa Records overseas and Handshake Records here in the states. The group recorded their debut Album "Passion Factory" wghich was released in Canada, Austria, Switzerland, Germany, the Benelux countries, Scandinavia, Spain, Greece and Singapore.
Their Music is slightly influenced by today's modern dance music, which unexpectedly led their initial American success. On the strength of imports from Canada, "Desert Place" from the LP hit #67 spot on the Billboard Dance Chart in May of this yea As a result Meisel and Handshake Records president Ron Alexenburg decided to go ahead with the U.S. release of "Passion Factoy". The single also reached "Top 5" Status on the German Disco Chart, a position it Held for an Extended period of time.
The synthesizer is The Twins favorite Instrument of the Moment and is used extensively on "Passion Factory". Their natural talent of learning new instruments leads to constand musical experimentation. They are now exploring the possibilities of digital sounds and computer drums.
Musically, Sven enjoys the work of Gary Numan and Roxy Nusic, while Ronny's favorites are The Yellow Magic Orchestra and David Bowie.
The Twins have never been to the United States, but would love to travel to this Country as soon as possible. They hope the U.S. release pf their album "Passion Factory" will make this possible in the near future.
Based on the initial reaction, this could happen even sooner then they think.

Released on Handshake Records:
LP "Passion Factory" (FW 38166)
also avaible on cassette

For further informaton:
Vredy Lytsman
Handshake Records
New York City
phone 212/245-3600
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