Production News December 2017

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Production News December 2017

Post by Administrator » Fri Jan 26, 2018 5:27 pm

A quick update on the current status of our album production:
Mixing of all songs is almost done, but due to the fact that the album will be released in January/February anyway, we still keep doing some fine tuning and testing a few things.

Some days ago we’ve had a fruitful meeting with the guys from our record distribution company, where a few additional ideas for the release were discussed, such as content of the planned box set, the vinyl release and plans for a single release which will go along with the album release.

Currently we only have a vague idea about the album cover art, which means there is some more work ahead. The good news is that the album cover artwork will be done again by Inge-Lore Wagner, who has designed many of the Twins releases in the past.

So far no plans have been made for a record release event or future concerts.
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