Production News May 2018

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Production News May 2018

Post by Administrator » Mon May 07, 2018 4:25 pm

The CD’s are now duplicated and they have been shipped to our distribution company, from where they will be delivered to the stores, such as Amazon, Media Markt/Saturn (Germany), once the pre-sale has begun.

The LP will be manufactured around the 20th of May and shipped to our distributor shortly after.

The additional parts for the boxset will arrive last week of May for the assembly of the sets.

The pre-sale starts on the 1st of June, that’s when the stores can order the CD, LP and Boxset.

The official release date is the 22nd of June.

In accordance with our distribution company, all items can not be offered or sold from the Twins Webshop before the official release date.
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