The Twins in Modena/Italy (2007)

Photos made by forum members or supplied by The Twins
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The Twins in Modena/Italy (2007)

Post by Administrator » Fri Sep 22, 2017 4:45 pm

We have made some nice photos which we are going to share with you here.
The last three photos were made by our forum member Danilo.
We really like the photo with Bobby Farrell. We have met him and Boney M. in 1982 during the Funkausstellung (Radio- and TV Convention) in Berlin, where we both had an appearance in the famous german "Musikladen" TV musicshow. In Modena we could celebrate a nice "welcome back" with him. He is a very friendly, funny and nice person.

Wir haben ein paar nette Fotos in Modena gemacht, die wir euch ebenfalls hier zeigen möchten.
Die letzten drei Fotos wurden von unserem Forum Mitglied Danilo gemacht.
Besonders gefällt uns das Foto mit Bobby Farrell. Wir trafen Bobby und Boney M. in 1982 auf der Funkausstellung in Berlin, wo Boney M. und The Twins einen Auftritt in der damals sehr populären TV Sendung "Musikladen" hatten. In Modena konnten wir also ein kleines Wiedersehen feiern. Bobby ist ein lustiger Bursche, immer sehr freundlich und gut drauf.
The Twins and Bobby Farrell from Boney M.jpg
The Twins and Valerie Dore.jpg
Ronnys Fan.jpg
Ronny on stage.jpg
Ronny during an Interview.jpg
Ronny and Sven doing the walk.jpg
Ronny and Donny.jpg
Ronnie and Sven after the show.jpg
Danilo and The Twins.jpg
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Re: The Twins in Modena/Italy (2007)

Post by Marica » Wed Feb 06, 2019 8:49 am

Hello, in the old forum there were a lot of posts about all topics, here less .
It seem that only me want to write comments. :?
What do you think about Boney M?
You are in a pic with Bobby Farrel, I suppose he was a curiose man , not only on the scenes but also behind , that's true? And can you say something about the other members of the band (BoneyM).

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Re: The Twins in Modena/Italy (2007)

Post by Ronny » Tue Feb 12, 2019 3:54 pm

Bobby Farrell was a very nice and friendly guy, but I don't have any stories to tell, as we only met very briefly a few times.
Sometimes I will nevertheless take "no no" for an answer (when necessary) :shh:

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