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My first Twins song.

Hello, let me introduce myself:

I' m Marica, the first approach to the Twins music was listening to Face to Face Heart to Heart  on the italian radio which struck me immediately. Then the other hits Ballet Dancer, Not the Loving Kind, Love System, Deep within my heart.   After the  " vacuum " until the discovery of the Twins forum in 2013 where I learned the existence of a lot 🎊 🎶 beautiful songs. 

One more day and you will find.


I'm Gabriella from Hungary.

I heard my first Twins song, when I was 15, it was Balletdancer on a cassette of a classmate.

I inmediately was inpressed by your voice Ronny, and the sound.

Then I dirrectly searched, and listened to Twins songs on the radio.

I "fell in love" with the album, Untill the end of time in 85 summer.

It was the moment, when I became a Twins fan.

Your music ment alot for me in my teen-years, and since then, too.

I'll never stop being a Twins fan.

Among the Twins hits , at first place,  in my opinion ther' s  " Not the Loving Kind ",   I ' d like to know how is it  came out .🎶🎹

One more day and you will find.