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Hello everyone,

unfortunately our old forum was in such a bad condition, that it couldn't be activated again. So we took the situation and integrated a new forum module directly into our webpage, instead of linking to a separate forum board. We will try and add all sections of the old forum to this new forum, including all photos and some of the old posts.

The chat module has now also been integrated directly into the website. If you have registered in the forum and are logged in, you can enter the chat directly without an extra registration.

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Great ! 👍

One more day and you will find.


Just let me to thank you for the simple registration with screen-reader program, too.


My biggest worry is always, whenever I wanna registrate on a site, if I can do it alone, without any help.

Here I could.

My appreciation.



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I'll never stop being a Twins fan.

What happened to Fuzzy ,  that guy that  lived in dirty hotels ?🤔

One more day and you will find.