In 1980, Sven Dohrow and Ronny Schreinzer decided to put a new band together, after they had played in various bands as a guitar-player and a drummer. In the beginning they were inspired by bands like Tubeway Army, Gary Numan, OMD and Depeche Mode.

The name “TWINS” might sound a bit funny for english speaking fans because Sven and Ronny are definitely no twins (you guessed it, Einstein) and the name itself isn’t very ingenious. The idea behind the name was to describe the way of working when they put their music together. In fact, there are no other persons involved during the process of making a TWINS record. Sven and Ronny are the composers, arrangers, musicians and producers and they are also responsible for mixing and mastering of the final product.

Their first single “The Desert Place” turned out to be a real dancefloor-smasher in Germany and the remixed long-version of this song entered the US-Billboard-Dance-Charts in 1981. The big European breakthrough came when they entered the Italian charts with their song “Face To Face” and it was one of the best-selling singles in Italy 1983.

After “Face To Face” they hit the Italian charts a few more times with songs like “Not the loving kind” and “Ballet Dancer”. Due to the success in many European countries, some of the German radiostations started playing their songs and all of a sudden the TWINS had a chart-hit with “Ballet Dancer”. During these days it was very unusual for a German dancefloor-band to have success in their own country. However, they next titles to hit the German charts were “Love System” and “Love in the Dark”.

Due to their big success, Sven and Ronny had to put together a live-band because the fans wanted to see them on stage as well. The TWINS had the chance to prove that they were no “one-hit-wonder”and according to their fans, their live-act was worth the money. They did many tours throughout Europe with their new five piece band, including a drummer who turned every show into an exciting event due to his powerful support for every TWINS song. A bit later the band set-up was changed again. The fact that Ronny had played drums for many years, enabled the TWINS to add more excitement to the bands live-shows by adding a few parts for two drummers.

By the end of 1987 after the TWINS had released their album “Hold on to your dreams” they were offered to do a tour in the Soviet Union which brought them to Moskow and Leningrad. During these 10 concerts the had the opportunity to play in front of a 120.000 people audience.

After the tour was finished Sven and Ronny decided to take a break and to produce some other artists in their own studios. In 1991 the TWINS had their “comeback” when they released a remix album of their greatest hits which was called “The ClassicsRemixed”. The success of this CD was overwhelming and they thought that it’s about time to put together a new album as well.

It took them nearly two years to finish this next album because they wanted to make the album as good as possible. The album was called “The Impossible Dream” and the song “Tonight” which was also featured on the album, made them hit the charts once again.

To complete their line of greatest hits CD’s, they released the “12inch Classics”-CD in ’94, which features many long-versions and mixes based on their greatest hits.

In recent years the TWINS played a few concerts in Germany with their new live-band.

In 2017 Ronny and Sven began to produce a new album named “Living for the Future”, which was released in summer 2018.