Production News June 2018

It’s the beginning of June and the big moment is coming closer 🙂

Official vendors and shops like Amazon, Saturn and Media Markt can now place their pre-orders for our new album.

Our always best informed forum member Wusel*, has notified us, that the album is already listed in these shops:

The Twins – Living for the Future @ Amazon Germany
The Twins – Living for the Future @ jpc Germany

Of course, you will also be able to order the CD and the album from our own webshop very soon 😉

We have almost everything for the boxset in place, but some of the items still have not arrived, so we need to wait a bit longer before the final assembly can take place.

On top of that a decision was made just recently, that the boxset will not be available everywhere, but only from a number of exclusively selected sources. We will soon let you know which ones these will be.

Although we can still not give away the information what will be enclosed in the boxset, we can already reveal that each box will have it’s own consecutive  number and will be hand signed by Ronny and Sven 😯

*Thanks for the info, Knut