The following equipment was used since 1980: 
(actually there was much more equipment involved, but this list represents our favourite toys)


Roland Jupiter 4 
Roland Jupiter 6 
Roland Jupiter 8 
Roland JP-8000 
PPG Wave 2.3
Roland Juno 106 
Roland D50 
Mini Moog
Moog Source 
Yamaha DX7
Sequential Circuits Prophet 5 
Sequential Circuits Prophet VS 
Roland Vocoder 
Korg Wavestation EX 
Korg Wavestation AD
Emu Orbit
Emu EMAX Sampler 
Emu E4/E64 Samplers


Fender Stratocaster (New ones, Old ones, Custom Shop, and self-built/modified ones)
Fender Telecaster
Gibson Les Paul
Gibson Flying V
Gibson Explorer-Pro
Gibson Thunderbird Bass
Ibanez Bass
Epiphone Les Paul
Epiphone Thunderbird Bass

Computer, Sequencer und Peripherie:

C64, Atari & Notator SL 
PC’s mit Win95/98/XP/Windows7/Win10/Win11 
Cakewalk, Emagic Logic Audio, Cubase, Wavelab
RME HDSPe, Focusrite Scarlett and Clarett Audio Interfaces
Presonus Central Station

Controlroom Monitors:

KS Digital A200 MK2, Adam A8H, EVE Audio SC203
Genelec 8050A, Neumann, Westlake, Yamaha NS10, JBL, Auratone


Studer A80 (Analog 24-Track Tapemachine)
Otari MTR90 (Analog 24-Track Tapemachine)
Fairlight MFX3+ (Digital 24-Track Recorder/Editor)

Mikrophone Preamps:

Avalon 737, Joe Meek OneQ

Drum Computers: 

Roland TR808 
Roland CR78 
LINN Drum 
Oberheim DMX 
Emu Drumulator 
Emu SP12 
Emu SP1200 
Yamaha RY30 
Simmons SDS5 


Tons of SONOR and SIGNIA Sets
Roland PDX Drumpads
Alesis D4
Alesis DM10