Production News Mid August 2017

Yesterday we have finished the pre-production of the vocal tracks for our next album. The pre-production was aimed at finding out, if the lyrics written by our long-time lyricist Tim Dowdall, are fitting properly to the music and the melodies.

The initial plan was to put the test vocals aside and then start from scratch, doing the real thing in a very focused fashion. But once the test recordings were done, we found that around 70% of them were already very good sounding and usable. So today we began to listen through all recordings again, and then replacing and re-recording some takes where we think that we can do better. By following this strategy we are actually saving a few days of work, which will give us some headroom in our release schedule.

As noticed during previous Twins productions, while Tim is writing and presenting the lyrics, he very often contributes some very nice melody changes in segments where he feels our initial ideas were not as good as they could have been 😉 As usual, we can’t thank him enough for his input and work.

Until the end of next week we will continue to finish the vocal tracks and we will keep you posted about the progress.

Stay tuned …