Production News October 2017

As announced in the previous blog, we are now working on the final mixes for the new album. Due to the fact that Ronny is only contributing three songs to the album, his mixes are almost finished and they are now undergoing some final tests, for example checking them on a variety of loudspeaker systems such as your normal living room stereo system, mp3 player or car stereo. Usually this may result in some final adjustments here and there. Sven, who’s contributing nine songs to the album, is still working on his mixes, which may take until the end of October.

Unfortunately we are very sorry that we have to report, that the production slot deadlines, for printing and manufacturing of CD and Vinyl, were already exceeded due to the delays during our production work. This means that we currently have no information when the manufacturing will take place. As a result, the “Christmas 2017” release date will not be possible. If there’s a chance, we may be able to offer a CD pre-sale in December through our own webshop.

And last but not least: It’s almost safe to reveal now, that the name of the new album will be “Living for the future”, which is also the title of one of the songs on the album. We say “almost safe” because you never know if someone pulls a different “fantastic-last-minute-idea” out of his pocket 😉